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Airline Tickets


Compare Prices from Multiple Sites!


Easy to use airfare comparison engine right at your fingertips!

Simply use the searcher provided below for the latest prices of multiple major travel sites.

Compare the fares and the services. Take decisions easier than manually navigation from site to site!

At Cheap Flights Fast you have it all!

You have to enter the trip details just below...


You simply enter details and hit "Search":




Multiple travel site comparison possibility: you get the chance to search multiple sites by clicking on their logos

Over 400 flight destinations: you can reach most of the major international cities, islands, regions

International booking possibility: many of the featured websites allow international clients to book on them

Multiple airport support: the engine delivers you a list of airports that are in/close to the place where you will fly

Frequent flyer program support: you will have this great possibility with many of the featured merchants



About the Airline Flight Booking Services


Create multiple flight routes:


Since you can book tickets to hundreds of destinations World-wide, you will find our one way airline tickets useful in creating air trip routes with multiple stops. You can construct a whole trip by booking one way airline tickets, in case you don't want to return to that specific destination.

Domestic & international flights:

Domestic flights and international flights are both supported by our online booking engine. You can seek low fares for flights within your country or you can book tickets for flights to other countries.

We cover the whole planet, you can reach over 400 cities, regardless of the distance!

Book for your airline ticket according co comfort level:

When you're an economic traveler with a low budget, you're most likely to choose economy class flights, while businessmen will most often buy business class airline tickets. First class airline tickets are for the very rich, they ensure the "smoothest", most comfortable trips one can have on airline flights!


Full flight-related information:

We offer complete information regarding your trip.

After filling out the booking form, you will be shown details about each airline flight available: exact flight departure and arrival times & dates, full price (with and without fees & taxes), aircraft type, etc.

Find cheap business class airline tickets:

Business travel is expensive, in general. But, if you turn to us, you'll discover services that you haven't even dreamed of! also activates in this segment. You can find cheap airfare possibilities for business flights, book affordable business class tickets for airline flights or simply find out more about the business air travel services in our dedicated section, business class airline tickets.


Frequent flyer programs support:


Our online booking engine supports frequent flyer programs, anyone who participates in such programs, can fill out the frequent flyer number form field and benefit from the discounts! It's as easy as it sounds: after searching for fares, when you get to the respective field, just fill it out and you'll get the possibility to spend less! This support is especially useful to business travelers and loyal customers of major airlines that have frequent flyer services.

Adding additional services:

It's great to find cheap airfare possibilities and purchase flight tickets fast & easy. But what if you need more than that? Well, we offer more than just air travel services: you can find hotels, rental cars and travel insurance as well. These complement the line of services, giving you everything that you need to travel.

To add any of these services, you book separately. It is so, because we want to give you full control over what you purchase, unlike other sites that force you to accept everything in 1 package.

Budget Airfare Opportunities

Fares for airline flights can be up to 75 % lower, so if you want to spare some cash, choose us!

Periodic discounts ensure discount airline tickets to our customers. Bargain airfare is just a few clicks away through the online booking form. Some might pay double, even triple for the same air travel service, while you can travel cheaper! Cheap budget airfare possibilities appear periodically and will be displayed as "bargain airfare" in the search result that displays available flights.


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