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Travel Destinations: Travel Guides...

Find out about great places that many of our clients visit.

Cheap Flights Fast has created a special section dedicated to offering visitors a general overview of countries/regions worth visiting.

We are taking a look at special places, beautiful cities, islands that enthusiastic travelers should visit and share the information with you.


Comprehensive Travel Destination Guides


Barcelona Travel Guide

Barcelona Travel Guide


Located on the western Mediterranean coast, Barcelona is one of Spain's main tourist destinations.

It is one of the most visited places in Europe, has a pleasant Mediterranean climate.

Barcelona is a Catalan city, most of its inhabitants speak or understand this language. Catalan is a Latin language, therefore related to Spanish, but very different.

Barcelona is famous for its beautiful buildings, perhaps the most well-known is the Sagrada Família church, built by renowned Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí. In fact, the church is still under construction, because its components are so complex that most of them have to be manufactured separately and put together carefully by hand.

When travelling to Spain, don't leave Barcelona out of your destinations!


Budapest Travel Guide

Budapest Travel Guide


The over 1000 year-old Hungarian capital is well known for its unique architectural and natural treasures. Medieval buildings, castles, old bridges, cafés, traditional restaurants, thermal baths, luxury hotels, beautiful views over the mountains, the wide river Danube and other attractions are so many that one can hardly find enough time to see them all! It's dreamlike...

Budapest has a splendid panorama, which is without any doubt the most spectacular in all Europe. Budapest is regarded by tourists to be the most beautiful capital city in Europe. Make sure you wander on the central streets, especially in the old neighbourhoods to take lots of pictures.

Hong Kong Travel Guide

Hong Kong Travel Guide


Spread over several islands, Hong Kong impresses us with its modern architecture and its harbours. The city was long time regarded as a country, former British colony, before it returned to China in 1997. Still today, Hong Kong is an autonomous region of more than 7 million inhabitants.

One can expect to see green hills, modern quarters with hundreds of skyscrapers, which like needles stretch towards the sky, also harbors full of cargo ships and junks (traditional Chinese sailing ships), rich markets, colourful streets...


Kraków/Cracow Travel Guide

Kraków/Cracow Travel Guide


US and British tourists usually call it "Cracow", but in its original name, it is Kraków.

This Polish city in southern Poland is remarkably rich in old architecture. It was well preserved due to the fact that it wasn't in the middle of conflict like other European cities (Warsaw, Berlin, Budapest or Dresden, for example).

The metropolitan area of this beautiful city has over 1,2 million inhabitants and is visited by over 7 million of tourists every year.

Kraków (Cracow) is perhaps Poland's most beautiful city


Singapore Travel Guide

Singapore Travel Guide


A multilingual and prosperous island-country with a population of over 4 million is one of the World's biggest financial powers.

Located at the tip of the Malaysian Peninsula, Singapore is also one of the World's largest ports.

Tourism flourishes in this colourful country that has skyscraper-filled neighbourhoods, modern residential areas, golf courses, even a jungle as part of a natural reservation in the centre of the island!

There's plenty to see and admire in Singapore, it's astonishingly beautiful!


Moscow Travel Guide

Moscow Travel Guide


The immense Russian capital Moscow, with over 10 million inhabitants has one of the most impressive sites in Europe.

The Red Square is perhaps the most well known part of the city, it is one of the most unique places on Earth.

You'd have a wonderful time if you'd visit this huge city in Eastern Europe.

Moscow is huge, Moscow is rich, Moscow has more than you think!

Viña Del Mar Travel Guide

Viña Del Mar Travel Guide


Viña Del Mar is an exotic vacation location on the Chilean coast.

Palm trees planted along roads, high-rise buildings, luxury homes, beach resorts, restaurants and clubs await large numbers of tourists from the country and abroad.

Viña Del Mar, 120 km away from Santiago is one of Chile's most fashionable beach resort spots.

It's a popular beach destination, often called "Viña" by the Chileans.

It's an exotic destination that must be on your list when in Chile...


Tokyo Travel Guide

Tokyo Travel Guide


Tokyo is the World's largest metropolis and one of the top destinations that we'd recommend you to visit!

The city has lots of different colourful districts, all worth visiting. Tokyo is in fact a conglomerate of multiple smaller cities. Immense city with a metropolitan area of over 27 million.

When in Tokyo, you must taste the traditional Japanese food, visit the Tokyo Tower, check out the districts of Shinjuku, Akihabara (the "Electric City"), Shibuya, Ginza, Ikebukuro and many more famous places!


Vilnius Travel Guide

Vilnius Travel Guide


The Lithuanian capital is a city of churches, beautiful city. The old buildings reflect a unique nuance of European architecture.

Vilnius or Vilna/Wilna is a city with a large numbers of beautiful man-made attractions.

The over 550 thousand inhabitants of Vilnius receive several times that many tourists every year.

The best way to see this city is to walk around in it and admire its every corner.

Auckland Travel Guide

Auckland Travel Guide


Auckland is New Zealand's largest city, located on the Northern Island. It is the financial centre, however, it's not the capital of the country, like many think.

Nicknamed the "Small Big City", with a population of about 1,3 million is New Zealand's top destinations. It's a rich city with a skyscrapers, ports full of yachts and cruise ships.

It's not one of the largest cities in the World, but it certainly "has the air" and the looks of a large city, mainly due to its landmarks and lifestyle... If you travel to New Zealand, you mustn't miss Auckland!


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