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If you got lost, have questions about this site, then here you will find answers that will help you.

Here we have included the most frequent questions that visitors ask or would ask.

Hopefully the F.A.Q. list will answer you questions!






What services/products does Cheap Flights Fast provide?

We are a search & information portal. This meaning that we offer you the choice to search and find travel services at affordable prices and we also offer travel information, such as travel destinations-related information, etc.

We focus primarily on the flights search segment, but we also offer services in the accommodation, car rentals and packages segments.

With us you can compare prices of various merchants after you have entered your search details into the search boxes and select the service you desire. We also list the latest travel deals of a large number of online booking sites.


How do I book online?


Simply use the forms for searching and after you go through, the payment options will appear on secure pages.

You will pay to the travel agents themselves, we only redirect you to them.

The payment system differs between merchants, therefore we advise you to read their terms and policies after selecting a service, but before paying for it.

Does Cheap Flights Fast require any membership, login or registration?

No. We do not require nor do we have any means to record any personally identifiable information about our visitors.


Who is responsible for the accuracy of the information/fares displayed on


Cheap Flights Fast is an intermediary website offering information, we do not sell services.

The searchers are provided by our partner Booking Wiz and the travel services are sold by the respective companies. The ones responsible for the content and price of services are the merchants themselves (the companies that actually charge you when booking the service).

The services on the Insurance page are provided by a number of companies that are listed there. Each company is responsible for their own services, prices and terms of use.


How can I know more about booking security?

Please check our Security page to obtain all the information you need to be able to verify whether a payment system is secure when you want to book online for a travel service.

Please note that we do not sell services, we only redirect you to the companies that sell them.

Why should I choose over other sites?


Because we pack all that Expedia, Hotwire, Priceline, Travelocity and several dozens of other sites have!

We allow you to access their prices and compare them. is a gateway to them all. A fare comparison site.


Terms & Policies About this Site Partners Contact Us Link to Us is an informative budget travel portal. This site gives you access to a number of travel agents and other sites, offers you travel destinations-related information and also provides tips, advice regarding price reduction. We are not a travel agency and do not have any responsibility regarding the services that you purchase by being redirected to another website.