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Barcelona Travel Guide


Antoni Gaudí's Dreamcity


It's one of the most visited cities in Europe.

Barcelona is Catalonia's capital, located on the eastern Spanish coast.

It's a good place for sightseeing, interesting old and modern buildings are almost everywhere in the city, this is famous for its special attractions, the buildings designed by Antoni Gaudí.

There are several quarters in the city, among which the most important ones are the: Ciutat Vella (the old town of Barcelona, which includes the medieval Barri Gotic), Eixample (modernist quarter, famous for its art nouveau architecture), Gràcia (an old neighbourhood of the working class), Barceloneta (the fishermen's quarter).

We advise you to take a tour around Barcelona and admire the creations of this famous architect before you do anything else. Especially the Güell Park and the Church Sagrada Família are spectacular.

Getting to Barcelona is fairly easy for anyone, even from the outside of Europe. Possible to get there by plane, road, rail, ship, but the best way is by plane. It can be very cheap if you fly with a low cost carrier. Barcelona's Girona International Airport is one of the main places where low cost airlines roam. EL Prat is the biggest and recently it has also become agglomerated with low cost carriers. This latter airport is closer to the city.

Because tourism is intense, rates on hotels vary from medium to high. Barcelona is not as cheap as places like Peru or Thailand, but still more affordable than major European cities, such as London or Paris.

Get a good book and a map to find your way around this city. It's huge and has immense quarters that are not so interesting for the foreign traveler. Those parts of the city are rather industrial or dense residential areas. Some travelers get lost and wonder around and find loosing their time.

Within the city, you'll be able to move around by tram, bus, subway, taxi. Some might rent cars or motorcycles, but perhaps the bus and subway are the best. Taxis can cost a lot, while subways combined with buses can take you to the most important hotspots in the Catalonian capital.

Must see attractions should have the 3 top Gaudí creations high on the list: the Güell Park, the Sagrada Família Church, the diagonal metro station called La Pedrera. Other interesting places are: the La Rambla boulevard (Avenida La Rambla), which is full of beautiful art nouveau buildings, then there's the Plaça d'Espanya with its musical fountain, then you will have to see the Gothic Quarter (which includes the Santa Eulàlia, the Gothic Church of Santa Maria del Pi, the Gothic Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar), you shouldn't miss the Picasso Museum and the San Pau del Camp (Romanesque church), finally you should also see the Plaça Reial.

Note, that the recommendations that we make only include the most popular places visited in Barcelona. Your taste might be slightly different and might like to see more. Buying a good, detailed travel guide is a good idea. Also keep in mind that on this page, most of the names used are in Catalonian, not Spanish.


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