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Budapest Travel Guide


The Culturally Rich Hungarian Capital


The capital of Hungary is considered the city with the most beautiful landscape in all Europe.

Budapest is a city rich in culture, unique architectural wonders that make you take a dive into the past of Hungary.

Many millions of tourists visit the city every year, but many millions miss out on this unique opportunity.

Among the main attractions and activities are: the Buda Royal Palace, the numerous old and modern bridges across the river Danube, the Hungarian Parliament, the Fishermen's Bastion (Halászbástya), Margit Island (Margitsziget), the spas and thermal baths of the city (Budapest has most thermal baths in Europe), the Gellért Hill (a cliff with a fortress on top of it, from up there, you can see a wonderful view over the city), the Városliget (contains old architectural wonders, ), the National Museum (Nemzeti Múzeum), the Opera House, the modern National Theatre, the Palace Of Arts (Művészetek Palotája), the ELTE modern building complex on the banks of the Danube (ELTE is Hungary's biggest university), the Heroes' Square (Hősök Tere), the National Gallery, the Andrássy Street, the Vigadó building, the Mátyás church (over 800 years old), the Sándor Palace (where the president of the country works, the changing of the guards is particularly interesting for tourists), the Roman ruins of Aquincum, the Saint Stephen Basilica (Szent István Bazilika), the Dohány Street Synagogue (the largest synagogue in Europe and the second in the World), the Gresham Palace, the Gerbeaud Palace, the Váci Street (old shopping street in the centre), caves, the Buda Mountains (often called the Buda Hills, due to their low altitude), the Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix, the Peepsi Sziget Festival (among the largest musci festivals in the World, held yearly on the Óbuda Island), the August 20th Hungarian National Day ceremonies, etc.

There's more to see in Budapest than one can enumerate here.

Basically, what you should do is get yourself a good travel guide, but keep in mind that travel guides on focus on the largest, most popular attractions. You can discover the Hungarian capital's special attractions by walking through its streets. You'll be taking photos almost at every step!

Budapest's top attractions could be split into the following categories: spas & thermal baths, government buildings, museums, palaces and castles, interesting houses, churches and synagogues, infrastructural wonders (the many bridges, the first subway on the European continent), the parks, the river Danube and all that comes with it (sights, the river bank attractions, cruises on the river Danube), the events (August 20th, the Wine Festival, the Formula 1 Hungarian GP, Pepsi Sziget Festival and more), the mountains and hills and all that comes with them (trekking, sightseeing, caves) and so much more!

You can see the Hungarian Royal Crown, which is called the "Szent Korona", by Hungarians, meaning "Holy Crown", worn by Hungary's first Christian King, Saint Stephen (Szent István).

Many riches of Budapest have survived, but much more have perished, especially during the two World wars, the Turkish invasions and the 1956 anticommunist revolution (Hungary was the first nation to rise up against the immense Soviet Union). One can still see the scar on many buildings. Unfortunately due to the many billions of dollars that would be needed for restoration, many buildings will remain scarred for a long time.

Budapest's bridges, among them the Chain Bridge (Lánchíd, an beautiful old bridge), the Freedom Bridge (Szabadság Híd, a green old bridge), Elisabeth Bridge (Erzsébet Híd, amodern bridge standing at the place where the old version was destroyed in the second World War) are the most often visited by travelers.

Budapest is bet to visit on foot. Walk through it and discover its riches. You can take a tourbus that'll take you through the main roads, this way you can see the main attractions fast, in one day. Danube river cruises are also interesting to see.

While in Budapest, if you have time, you can also visit the nearby towns and cities, Szentendre (rich in folklore, interesting souvenirs), Gödöllő (where you can visit the beautiful castle where Austria-Hungary's princess Elizabeth or "Sissi" used to live), Esztergom (one of Hungary's former capitals, there you can see Europe's second largest basilica), Visegrád (another one of Hungary's former capitals, where you can see a medieval fortress and the ruins of a royal palace) and other areas.

You'll find good travel guide books about Budapest, but most of them only present you the primary attractions. There's more to Budapest than one can read about.

If you're a "walker", then take the time to walk across the old streets in the centre of the city. Simply walk between the top attractions to discover more than guides know about.


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