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Moscow Travel Guide


Massive, yet Beautiful


The huge capital of Russia is the home to over 10 million inhabitants, in an area of 1.081 sqkms. After London, Moscow is Europe's most populated city.

Moscow is a rich city not only in terms of valuable buildings, but also in terms of money. It is the European city with most billionaires.

It's an immense city with massive buildings, yet also with many beautiful parts, such as the World-famous Red Square, where once the Soviet Army kept its parades.

The Red Square is the site of the famous Kremlin, where the Russian President sits. It is also the home of the beautiful and colourful Saint Basil's orthodox church with its onion-like domes. Also, another attraction in the area is the Cathedral Of Christ The Saviour and the Danilov Monastery, the residence of the patriarch of the Russian orthodox church.

Another attraction of Moscow is its Metro system, one of the most extended ones in the World and also one of the deepest-drilled ones.

The Ostankino Tower is a telecommunication and radio-tv tower, which is the tallest self-sustaining building in Eurasia.

Specially beautiful is the Novodevichy Convent, which is a complex of buildings, such as typical Russian orthodox churches.

Moscow is rich in parks: the Maxim Gorky Central Park Of Culture And Rest - a place for recreation and relaxation, Izmaylovskiy Park, the Sokolniki Park, which is 4 times greater than London's Hyde Park, then there's Lilac Park, famous for its huge rosarium. And more parks...

The Lomonosov Moscow State University building is one special creation that everyone must see in Moscow. Towering 240 meters high, it was once the highest building outside the USA.

Moscow is cold during winter, rarely warm during the summer, therefore take the necessary precautions to avoid unpleasant weather-related experiences. Except watching the weather forecasts, please note that precipitation levels are higher during the summer than in winter.

Moscow is interesting to visit, especially for the western tourist, if you have the opportunity, don't miss the chance to enjoy it!




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