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Singapore Travel Guide


Multi-ethnic Tiny Island Country


 Singapore is a magical small country located off the Malaysian coast, right at the tip of the Malaysian Peninsula.

With a populations of about 4,5 million people, Singapore is among the World's most powerful economies, has one of the highest life standards in the World and according to, it has the second most free economy.

The island country is well known for its ports, which until recently were the most frequented ones in the World. Also, the hi-tech industry, the heavy industry, the pharmaceutical and chemical sector and tourism are well evolved.

Getting to Singapore won't be a problem, it's one of the most important aerial hubs in the World.

The country has a mixed, Chinese, Malaysian, Indian, Tamil culture, also British-influenced and with Japanese, Pakistani and Indonesian presence. This is noticeable in the architecture the cuisine, the names of the public places as well as when walking the streets and looking at the faces of people.

It's great to walk around and experience the touch of so many cultures, so many colours! It's a colourful place with many restaurants, clubs, temples, skyscrapers and so much more!

At night, you can admire the colourful lights of the skyline. We'd recommend you to see the place from high, it's possible to go up in several high-rise buildings. The view is spectacular!

Singapore's Central Business District (or CBD) has 3 main quarters: Orchard, Riverside and the Chinatown. Each one has their own specific attractions, therefore you'd better get yourself a detailed guidebook to see what's in it and how to get around.

Let's see the most interesting hotspots that you must visit and explore: Balestier, Newton, Novena and Toa Payoh (a place with temples and many cheap hotels, located far away from the CBD), Bugis and Kampong Glam (are the old Malay districts that are popular shopping hotspots today, they also have restaurants and shops selling unique products), Chinatown (one of the largest, colourful, typical Chinese quarter), East Coast (it has many restaurants and Changi International Airport is also located here), Little India (located north of the city center), Riverside (has museums, statues, theatres, restaurants, bars and clubs), Orchard Road (many shopping malls) and there's a lot more.

There's even a jungle in the center of Singapore, in the Bukit Panjang area. It's a natural reserve, sort of a park. You can go visit it, it can be a unique, exotic experience.

Getting to Singapore cheap is relatively easy. By plane, you can get there directly form many major airport in the World, without ever changing a flight. Obtaining affordable hotel service is also possible.





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